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Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Daylilies

The following daylilies will be dug and relocated into a new bed. I numbered and photographed them before the upcoming move.

Then I remembered I could share the photos with you.

I have them labeled by number in the garden. I will list these photos by the same numbers. On my monitor, the colors are fairly true to the flower in the garden.

Daylily 1

Daylily 2

Daylily 3

Daylily 4

Daylily 5

Daylily 6 (yellow throat)

Daylily 7
(about the same color, but with an orange throat)

Daylily 8

Daylily 9

Daylily 10

Daylily 11

Daylily 12

Daylily 13

Daylily 14

Daylily 15

Daylily 16

Daylily 17
I have never tried to trace down their identities.... some day, maybe.


farmlady said...

You have a beautiful "Flower farm", you do. Those Day Lilies are just gorgeous. I'll take on of each.

Balisha said...

I think your lilies are so beautiful. So many varieties...isn't that #14 interesting? Have a beautiful day.

Balisha said...

Me again...I see you have some helpers...I'll bet they love working in this beauty.

Barbee' said...

Farmlady, Thank you,and thank you again. Yes, I have enough to share. Our local daughter and grandson have each put in their order already.

Balisha, Thank you so much. #14 is one of the few double ones that are here. What I like most about this bunch is that they do not spread by running roots like the old fashioned tawny orange one. They stay put. The young lady that you see in the photo said to me during her interview, "If I could have my dream job, this would be it." Isn't that nice! And aren't they beautiful among the flowers. One person is crouched down. He is wearing a purple shirt, as well as, the young lady. They were working there among the oranges, reds, and yellows, and their purple shirts made the colors bounce around brilliantly. It was beautiful!

Rowena... said...

When I saw the title 'Some Daylilies', I thought it would be less than half a dozen...but here you have 17!!! A beautiful variety of colors Barbee...I'm impressed that you number them too.

Barbee' said...

Rowena, thank you! Actually, there are more than 17. That was just the ones in one bed. I know that I am so lucky. My husband has given me flowers over the 52.5 years we have been married. But, when he bought this place for me, he gave me a whole garden. That was 1989.

lynn'sgarden said...

Thanks for sharing these! For some reason, # 12 and 13 stand out for me! I have some blooming now with no ID and it's driving me nuts..trying to do research, but bottom line...just enjoy them right?!

MitU said...

Hi, nice to know your blog! I have had come here for several times to see your picture! How beautifull they are ... actually that's my dream :)

Barbee' said...

Hi Lynn, (chuckle) I think you are right. Just enjoy the pretty faces, but like you, it is driving me crazy not to know "who" they are. Maybe 12 and 13 stand out because they are not so blurred. Between my tremor and the nice breeze that was blowing, I wound up with mostly blurred pics. Also, those are nice bright colors.

Welcome MitU! I am so glad you stopped by to see the photographs. I hope your dream comes true one of these days, but until then, you are welcome to come by and spend as much time as you like. Wish you could help with the weeding.

Meadowview Thymes said...

These are so beautiful Barbee. I hope Cindee from Cindee's Garden sees this--she loves Day Lilies.
Do they take the heat very well? We are having quite a time with heat here in Texas.

Barbee' said...

Meadowview Thymes, thank you for the positive response to the pretty faces. I hope Cindee sees them, too. As far as heat... there is heat, then there is heat. I suspect your average heat is of higher temperatures than ours. Occasionally we have 100 degree temps, but not for long, thank goodness. 90 is not unusual here. Humidity is thick most of the time. The daylilies seem to slow down, but it is hard to say why, because the heat usually comes after they have reached their peak bloom times. If it gets very dry, I water them. They are already slowing down for this summer. But, there are still some buds so they will go on for a little while. The cool snap we are having now will rejuvenate them, then we will probably get a hot blast after this. They have a hard life, but they are tough. If I lived where you do, I would go ahead and try one or two and see how they do. Wish I could hand you some of these.