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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hanging Gardens - Part 5

I know this is what you have been waiting for. Thank you for being so patient.

Last year the iris plants were already needing dividing, but as one of a million tasks that needed doing, it didn't get done. So, we went from this in 2010...

... to this in 2011.

I have so many photographs of this area from this year. I did delete some, yet I still have too many, and I know some are almost identical. I couldn't cut out any more, because it was like throwing away my babies. You will just have to bear with me and keep scrolling down.

Growing on the slope with the wind and storms we have caused Holly Hocks to always fall over. They were moved into one of the fence bays.

Iris and young Holly Hocks

The section we call "Wings Over Water" is at the bottom. This was the largest clump of Siberian Iris in bloom this year.
Just past it, we enter the Woodland Garden by this path.

And, yes, there is a bench back in there for sitting...

... and looking back at this, and watching that Barbee' woman deadhead the irises.

*** The End ***