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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Next Succession

You never know what to expect around here.

What had looked like this:
And then like this:
Now looks like this:
This is Larkspur. It drops its seeds and comes back each year. Some years there is more than others. I think the yellowing and browning of some plants, so soon, is caused by too much rain. In the next photo, the yellowing material is foliage of Narcissus. I let it ripen and disappear so the bulbs will be full of energy for next spring.

This year there were not as many Columbines or annual poppies. I think our digging around in there last autumn destroyed them, but apparently we brought the Larkspur seed to the surface, and it took off. Maybe they need light to germinate. I read that Columbine seeds do.

Below: The wilting yellow flowers are Evening Primroses closing their eyes after partying all night. They will start again come evening.

Larkspur seems soft and old fashioned to me. Nigella does, too, but the Larkspur lasts longer in bloom.

One year poppies came up. I did not plant them. I guess the seeds were in the soil from some Mary grew in years past.

We had Poppies on Parade; they even came up in the Rockery.

End of parade.


Anonymous said...

I love a parade especially a poppy parade. I love when plants reseed.

Esther Montgomery said...

Isn't it all lovely and delicate!

I envy you your poppies. I sowed several kinds but only one variety came up. They are very cheerful but I had hoped for more colours.


Aisling said...

I love the color of the poppy next to the silvery shade of the lambs ear. The garden is full of delightful combinations. Your garden and your photos are wonderful!

Barbee' said...

Hi Donna, The birds provided the music for the parade. The problem I have with letting things reseed is: I feel I mustn't put down mulch or else I will bury the seeds and they won't grow next year. I would really like to mulch more, but when I look at those pretty things, I do not.

Hello Esther, I have trouble with some kinds of poppies, too. I cannot grow the wild red European poppies, nor California poppies. I guess they are all quite persnickety about their soil types.

Aisling, I had noticed that combination, too, and it is not one I had planned. Nature does such a better job of gardening than I do. You have an eye for beauty. Mostly I just weed, and the garden does its own thing. Photos are mostly by Local Son and Husband-Best Friend-Chief Photographer. Thank you.

lynn'sgarden said...

Barbee, The larkspurs are pretty! They are biennuals though so some years they bloom heavier than others. I've seen those peony poppies around other blogs and love them!

Lzyjo said...

Marvelpus transformation!!

Barbee' said...

Hi Lynn, I had never seen those poppies until I moved here, and I was amazed when they bloomed! Here in this garden (micro climate, perhaps), the larkspurs are a hardy annual same as Nigella and a few others. Seeds are sown in autumn, the seedlings come up, then bloom in late spring. I just love plants that do that. Thank you for stopping by.

Lzyjo, hi there, thank you. That one bed could be a full time job.

Pomona Belvedere said...

Wow, love the larkspurs, something I have trouble growing. Didn't know they were biennials; maybe that's part of my problem! Also enjoyed the garden-through-its-changes photos.

Also love your pompom frazzleheaded P. somniferum/lacinata. Poppies apparently do better in disturbed ground, but that doesn't explain why your other poppy seeds didn't come up. I find fall planting is the only way to get poppies, but soil might be a factor too.

Barbee' said...

Thank you, Pomona, I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit. I don't know why the other types didn't work here, either. I decided it must be the type of soil, and/or, the pH.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I love larkspur! I think I will try some next year and see if they can survive our heat. The poppies are beautiful!! They are one of my favorites, but only last a short time here.
You have such beautiful flowers Barbee!

Barbee' said...

Meadowview Thymes, Thank you for the warm comment. The poppies go to seed quickly here, too. Maybe I am so delighted by them, because they seem to be passing through, and their visit is brief.