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Friday, April 04, 2008

Window On My World

There have been a few inquiries about the photograph header at the top of my new blog. Those of you who are reading this on my web site (The Garden At Crocker Croft) do not know about the blog, yet.

There is a web site (blotanical.com) for garden bloggers where we post our writing, and there is great interaction and friendship (most gardeners are very friendly people). I wanted to participate, but a web site does not function nor qualify as a blog. (Even though many people tend to call mine a blog, it is not.)

That was no problem - all I had to do was whip up a new blog and apply to have it accepted at blotanical, which it was. The first thing was: give it a name. That was easy: “Barbee’s Blog”. Next comes a description: hmmmm… instead of writing something I decided to show them with a picture. It is spring so I selected a spring photo that husband/best friend/chief photographer took a few years ago, spring 2006; that was the spring the new tulips bloomed. Those are the Queen of Sheba tulips that I wrote about planting in the back yard.
He was standing near North Path (barely visible right hand side of photo) looking down the path away from the house. What you see in the photo are the tulips, dark green foliage straps of other bulbous perennials, white dogwood trees, pink dogwoods, redbud trees, whitebud trees, and several early spring greens as new growth on trees and shrubs.

Once the photograph was up, looking at it, I thought, “That looks like a window.” Ah, Ha! A window on my world! And, so it is. My writings and photos are a window on my world. My current plan is to change the photo with the four seasons if I can find a suitable photo for each one. But, there is no question about it: this one will be the prettiest.

So, there is a new blog up, and it is running copies of my new posts on the web site. When I publish a post on my web site, I copy it and paste it into my blog. To you bloggers reading this: most of the photos on my web site were made in The Garden At Crocker Croft, and most photos were taken by family members. Photography credits are listed in the sidebar of the home page.

I am not much of a photographer. I consider cameras to be machines; machines and I have waged a life-long battle. I do the writing (all except the quotes) and others do the photos.

I am not fooled; I know people come here for the pictures, not the writing, but that is ok. I still think it is a rather good deal… don’t you?


Esther Montgomery said...

I'm flitting backwards and forwards between your website and your blog - and now I'm confused where to put a comment -

I agree about the work needed to create and maintain a 'natural' looking garden.

And I have found people often don't understand how long it takes.

My garden is too small to achieve anything approaching what you have here. None the less, I don't like things to be too formal - and I have, to some extent, been solving the lack of space problem by 'layering'.

This meant putting in the taller plants first - small. So it looked odd. Then it looked overgrown. And, all the while, I was waiting for everything to gain height, so I could put in the next 'layer'.

Recently, I have had comments like 'Oh, so you do like gardening!' and I have been taken aback.

I have been seeing the garden how it will be and hadn't realised others were seeing only what it is 'now' - while in process.

But I plough on - very few annuals; everything taking its time; seeing something more than is there - yet.


rosa said...

Wow, Barbee! That photo header is fabulous! I am such a sucker for spring growth, and I absolutely LOVE your dogwoods and redbuds! Our dogwoods in our are are just starting, and it is hands down my favorite flowering tree. It's almost unknown in the UK, which is interesting. I gardened there for a little while and the cornus sp. I found were mostly the shrubs-with the red or green stems, popular for winter color. A gardener friend there told me about a plant she found at a nursery that 'looked like clematis flowers on a tree.'-yup, it was our cornus florida! Anyway. your garden looks lovely!

David Perry said...

Barbee, it is a darned nice image, made all the nicer by its nesting place among your words. Nice to have you here. Thanks for making such a pleasant place to visit...

Kerri said...

It's a beautiful 'window' Barbee...a truly lovely photo. Your husband is talented with the camera.
Those tulips you had so much trouble planting rewarded you quite well I'd say. They look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Simply magnificent! What descriptive adjectives do I have left, that I haven't used already about your blog and garden presentations?
I agree with you - tulips are tops!
Please tell 'best friend and cameraman' 'thanks for the feast', and to you, Barbee, 'thanks for the peace'. An oasis.