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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tulips Part Four -
We Have Tulips!

Spring 2006
Our retired neighborhood curmudgeon, who lives across the street, is also the neighborhood watch person. He sits out in a comfortable spot where neighbors tend to gravitate to visit with him. He hears about what is going on. He drives through the neighborhood once a day and keeps an eye on everything.

Sitting out-of-doors across the street he has a clear view of what is going on over here. He had watched our prolonged struggles to get the bulbs planted.
Then when they bloomed, he came over and said very nice things about our tulips. That was high praise considering the source, and I was most appreciative, and gratified, because I was hoping the neighborhood people would enjoy them.

They never knew me, but here’s my small token planting of tulips, here’s to the Freed family. I wish I could give our neighbors as much beauty and pleasure as they gave us back then.


I have several more beautiful photographs of the tulips, but I do not want to bore you or overload you with too many. For those of you who want more, I put them into a slide show. Click on the following link and you will be transported.

When you get there, enlarge your screen (F11) and enjoy. I noticed that FireFox browser had no problem with it. When I looked at it on Internet Explorer, there were long pauses frequently. Be patient, it starts up again and finally gets through all the list. There are 35 photos. If you hover your mouse at the top of the picture, below the title "Tulip Show - Spring 2006" it should disclose the control panel where one may pause the slide show to look at a photo longer, and increase or decrease the speed of the movement if you would like to.

There is another slide show of a different subject on my web site; I'm sure regular readers have found it. If you are reading this on the blog counterpart, Barbee's Blog, it will not be posted on the blog; you will need to explore the website. I suggest checking out the list of Categories listed in that sidebar.

Slide Show Click HereTulip Show - Spring 2006


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What beautiful blooms. I love the blue line of what looks like Mucari through the tulips.

cindee said...

Your Tulips are just beautiful. I would surely enjoy them if I was your neighbor too!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures I really enjoyed them(-:

Barbee' said...

Aunt debbi/kurts mom, Yes that's exactly what they are, Muscari. I know they will spread throughout the bed and yard and blur the design, but that's ok with me.

Cindee, I wish you were my neighbor, too. There are no other gardeners around to talk to. Everyone is so busy.

Thank you both for your comments.

Jean Ann said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Barbee! How you stayed down on your hands and knees to get all of those bulbs in, I will never know!

Barbee' said...

Jean Ann, I sit on old cushions that I get at yard and garage sales. It took days and days. The snowdrops and crocuses didn't do much - I think critters ate them.

Philip Bewley said...

Absolutely spectacular!!! This is a joy to read! I love your blog. I wish you were my neighbor,too!

Barbee' said...

That is kind of you, Phillip. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could have a whole neighborhood of gardeners and we could traipse about and visit one another’s gardens?

Phillip said...

Wonderful colors!

Kerri said...

Barbee, you've done the Freed Family proud, and carried forward their gift to their neighbors back in yesteryear. How wonderful to be inspired so long ago in childhood, and carry the dream with you all those years. It must be satisfying to see the dream fullfilled, and your neighbors must surely appreciate your efforts.
The photos are beautiful, and the slideshows too. I watched both. Thanks so much for sharing all this lively spring color. It's a pure delight to see! :)

Barbee' said...

Phillip, thank you. The little river of Muscari does punch up the colors of the rest, I think.

Kerri, what a sweet and thoughtful comment. I think you wrapped up the whole series in one lovely paragraph.