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Monday, September 28, 2009

E-Bed 2 Renovation

Middle E-Bed (number 2, the one on the left) underwent a transformation this summer. Seen here in April it is not so bad.

But, Ugh, what a junglely mess it became!
(I think junglely is not a word, but it fits.)

That is a path of pine bark chips on the other side of it. The bark chips were removed and used in a new bed, then river rock was spread. Now the two paths match.
Down came the tall, fuzzy mullein and the iron weed,
out went the irises,
out went asters, Lunaria, evening primroses, iron weed, golden rod, Jerusalem artichokes, dandelions...
...out went the Ranunculus, violets, and other weeds.

Out went the daylilies...
..to a new bed just above the meadow.

(early photos)
Remember to click on photos to be able to see the flowers in the meadow. A more recent photo.
Away went the garbage can composter in which potato plants once grew.
The elder stalks were retained, because I love the purple, winy color of the berries,
especially as it looks backed by the drooping branches of a crabapple,
and nearby New England asters and garden phlox.
It has been a lot of work.
And, took a long time.

(Be sure to click on this photo. There is a lot of color & activity there.)
But, be assured there was a motive for this mad effort. That will be revealed next post. See you then...


Charlotte said...

This is a lovely blog - can't think how come I never came across it before. Will enjoy following. Best, Charlotte

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hello Barbee! I am curious now... So many things went away, what's going on?

joey said...

Wow ... an adventurous project, Barbee ... I'm staying tuned for the next installment!

Robin Ripley said...

Well, I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled to the bottom expecting the big reveal. You tease!


donna said...

Boy, would I like to wander around on your property. Looks so interesting. You had me going there for a while. I wondered why every thing was "out" and then relieved to read they moved to a new bed. Thanks for reminding us to enlarge the photos....I always luv the details of enlarged photos.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Gosh Barbee-that is alot of work! I can't wait to see what is coming (you won't make us wait too long, right?) :)
I love the meadow. Wish I had one. I would scatter all kinds of wildflower seeds...
Hey, congrats on your nomination for best Kentucky Blog!

Lucy Corrander said...

It was a hair-raising read . . . and all the time, I was waiting for you to sit on the throne at the end of the path.


our friend Ben said...

Love the elderberry/crabapple combo, Barbee'! Pulling plants out is always hard, especially if they're ornamental, but you're obviously going about it the right way. I'm already looking forward to next year's "after" pics!

CiNdEe said...

Lots of work but I am sure you will be pleased with it when its all finished(-:

Muhammad khabbab said...

Wow you are doing some tremendous job with your garden. I must say it is very pretty sight indeed. Beds, flowers all looking great. i am also glad to see your blog has got lots of award well that is amazing.

Barbee' said...

Charlotte, thank you! There are so many good and lovely blogs out there it is easy to miss many of them. Your photos on your blog are outstanding; I especially enjoyed your post about Bok Tower in Florida.

Tatyana, we are working on a totally new theme and design for this bed. The daylilies were transplanted, or, as the British would say: shifted to a new bed and location. Some daylilies were divided and shared with our local daughter. She was glad to get them. Everything else was thrown away, nothing of value there. More about the project in the next post which is under construction.

Joey, hi there, adventurous is right. It took some nerve on my part, and I couldn't keep from wondering now and then if I was doing the right thing. I will wait and see what everyone thinks.

Robin R., "the big reveal" is yet to come. I need to make a few more photos. Thank you for your interest. I appreciate your visit and comment. Hope you like what we did - when I finally get it posted.

Donna, well, as I explained to Tatyana, only the daylilies were saved. Some went to our local daughter and the rest were moved down the hill to the new bed. Everything else was weedy, scrappy stuff which was discarded. This is a unusual property and people do come to stroll. I have enjoyed "playing" here since 1989.

Meadowview Thymes, yes, it was, and of course, I couldn't do it myself. These young people are wonderful to tackle projects like this one. Thank you for the congrats on the nomination. I was surprised, because my posting is so erratic.

Hi Lucy, you made me chuckle! Thank you.

Ben, there will be some "after" photos coming soon, but of course the ones taken next year will be better. I will be interested to learn what everyone thinks about my idea... and, if I made a mistake by ripping out and doing over.

Hi CiNdEe, thanks for popping over here and taking a look at what is going on. Ugh! yes, work and it took several days.

Muhammad khabbab, thank you very much for your kind words. I am happy that you enjoyed looking at the photos. The photography is a family project. Mostly they are taken by one of our sons, my husband, and recently more are taken by myself. Come back and visit again anytime. I am sure you know, gardens are constantly changing. The show is a progression: subtle, silent, steady, and gentle (most of the time, except when there are storms).

Balisha said...

Hi Barbee...What's going on at your place? What a lot of work! Love the meadow and all it's flowers.

Sue said...

You have a lovely property. You sure have been busy! Things are looking great!

lynn'sgarden said...

Barbee, are your services for hire?? I have sooo many still to divide and transplant! Love the photo with the blooming daylilies ;)

Victoria said...

Wow, it looks fabulous. Can't wait to read the next post to find out what's going on. This is better than Agatha Christie!

cherry said...

Congratulations on your Blotanical Win.
~ hugs, Cherry

Barbee' said...

Sue, hello there. Thank you, I often feel that it owns me rather than the other way around.

Lynn, ha, ha, ha! I never get it all done. I thought that was an extra nice photo, too. I hope you enlarged it so it showed well.

Victoria, thank you! Well, maybe not that good, but it is fun.

Cherry, thank you, I didn't even know until I received Autumnbelle's message in Blotanical.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your blotanical.com award. You are such a good read and i even remember the day you first came to blotanical. We use to talk alot and I liked that. I need to come back and be a regular.

Your garden looks so healthy and full of blooms.

Barbee' said...

Thank you, Anna! Those are real compliments coming from you. Yes, I remember those days. You know, at that time Blotanical had much fewer members and we could visit more often. Now I have about 100 on my reading list that I love (yours included), and keep adding more every few days. There is no way possible to get around to all of them frequently. I'll never forget some of your stories. Some made me have tears in my eyes, and made me feel I was right there in the story. Others made me laugh so hard that, that made tears in my eyes. And, a big Congratulations to yourself! I thought your blog would take those. Well, deserved!