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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shut the Door!

Due to all the rain this winter and spring, vegetation jumped out of the ground as if in a big whoosh! I have never seen it have more strength and almost overwhelming power. It was coming at me everywhere, and appeared to be trying to move into the house and take it over, too.

Looking out the door.

Here are a few shots of the Back-of-the-House Border including the Garden Door. I truly felt as if the plants were trying to go inside. I am used to cats peeking in to see what is in there, but not the plants. OK, you guys, forget it! You are not coming in! And, we pulled and pruned them back without a machete, but if we had waited any longer we probably would have needed one.

A friend once referred to the large red-orange oriental poppies as: those ole' poppies! We like them; they are so bright, show well from a distance, and are so, so easy here.

Let's take North Path around the bend.

And, then look back.

To Be Continued


CiNdEe said...

Beautiful blooms! Things are growing well here too!!!(-: The rain has been wonderful!!!(-: I love poppies.(-:

our friend Ben said...

Gorgoeus photos, Barbee'! Thanks so much for sharing them. We've had a ton of rain here in PA, too, and the effect on everything, from plants to water snakes in the creek and an abundance of toads (at last!) in the yard, is just amazing. A friend pointed out that we were having British garden weather; I think he nailed it.

Barbee' said...

Cindee, thanks for stopping by. Yes, the rain has been wonderful. Not so fond of the lightening, though. We will work on through a light rain, but if it thunders, I make everyone come in.

our friend Ben, I agree with your friend. I even said the same thing several days ago as we worked in a cool drizzle. I have never seen a toad in this garden even though I released about 30 baby ones. I guess they all went downhill toward the creek. Maybe the garden snakes ate them, I don't know. I hope your water snakes in the creek are not cotton mouth water moccasins!

Pomona Belvedere said...

Barbee', thanks for the tour through your garden, it does look lush. Even out west we are having more rain than usual; we had some last week and it's cloudy now. Usually it's dry and hot by June.

The color combination of the plants against your stone wall is wonderful, including the pots. Steve Snedeker would go nuts over that stonework.

Barbee' said...

Pomona: It is good to hear from you... and thank you, thank you! I have been hearing about how wide spread the rain has been. It slows us down, but I love not having to water. I had to grin over your comment about Steve S. I love the stone, too. We were told that an 80 year old man did the stonework on our house back in 1955.

Balisha said...

Hi Barbee,
i love the pictures of the poppies trying to get in the back door. What a lovely post...a wonderful tour to see what's going on in your garden.

Brenda Jean said...

I love poppies too, but have to confess that I have the WORST luck growing them for some reason. They either don't germinate at all or I somehow kill the perennial type.

All of your flowers are wonderful and SO full- mine aren't bad, but my beds are still filling in. Unfortunately my weeds are GIGANTIC! Bahahahahaha

lynn'sgarden said...

First, I really love the stone facade of your home. And then POW, the poppy won me over. They look so good in that woodland setting of your garden. Do they last as cut flowers?

Barbee' said...

Balisha, Thank you. Some poppies actually spread to the front of the threshold and had to be pulled so we could get in and out. There is more going on out there, but when I come inside, I am so wiped out I cannot think clearly enough to write. I seem to be dribbling it out.

Brenda Jean, I am so sorry about your trials and problems with your poppies. I hope you do know that this type goes dormant after their show, and are not dead; unless the critters eat them. Rabbits or groundhogs ate all of mine to the ground two years and I thought they were dead. But, they made a comeback, probably were enough seeds in the ground to start over. Weeds! Let's not speak of those huge monsters out there!

Lynn, thank you, I am glad you enjoyed seeing the stone. It is Kentucky River Stone. I love it. The color works well with flower colors. To be honest, I have never brought poppies inside, so I do not know how they act as cut flowers. Individual blossoms outdoors last only a few days. Probably until they are pollinated. They make a lot of seeds.