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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ah, May!!

May, 2008

In May even the weeds look good!

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

The yellow butter weed seems to be taking over the country, but it is cheerful and pretty with blue and purple flowers. No matter how much we dig out the roots of common-fleabane, there is always plenty the next spring.

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and unless it is pouring rain and/or lightening, all afternoon I will be out on the bank pulling vines. That is what I want to do, so since it's mom's day, I'm going to do as I please. Sooooooooo..... if anyone plans to call to say, "Happy Mother's Day", please wait until after dark. I'll have my cell phone with me, but I don't like to answer it with muddy hands unless it is VERY important. So, E-mail a message, call and leave a message, or wait until after dark... That should give me time to get in and wash my hands.

Hope everyone else has a good weekend. I'll probably go eat with Local Daughter and family, then head to the "back-forty". Poison Ivy is getting ahead of me, to say nothing of the Japanese honeysuckle vines.

We've had wonderful, lovely soft, slow rains lately. The only problem is: We don't need them! Wish I could take a "rain check" on them.


Cinj said...

It's so lovely to see any bursts of color in the spring. I am finding that it's easier to let the weeds be now that I live out in the country.

I hope you have a lovely Mother's day tomorrow. I've got plans to take the kids on a clean up mission tomorrow if it's not raining after church and lunch time. Cheesehead is working, so we'll bring him lunch before we begin our fun.

Steve said...

Barbee, in spite of your complaining, lol, your first picture looks like a slice of Heaven, dear. Gorgeous stuff.

And a Happy Mother's Day to you and all the Mom's out there.

Barbee' said...

Well, a double thank you, Steve.

Cinj, I think living in the country is more relaxing. Don't make the kids work too hard.

Melanie said...

Barbee, that opening shot is just beautiful. I had to click on it so I could enjoy it in it's full size.

Barbee' said...

Melanie, thank you. I am glad you thought of that. When I read your comment, I went to it and clicked on it, too. It did look much better. Funny, I hadn't even thought to do that.

plantgirl said...

Thanks for visiting my site - your "weeds" look much prettier than mine - some of mine are downright scary!! It's been raining here in Utah quite a bit too lately - but we really need it here, it gets so dry.
Happy Mother's Day & have fun gardening! :)

ladyluz said...

Hi Barbee, ain't that the truth about the weeds looking good! Just had a little browse over on your website....lovely that little widget showing you which countries your visitors are in.

Hope you manage to find a sundial - there must be many outlets on line,
and also hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hi barbee, I hope you get to them weeds. I am sitting here inside enjoying mother's day in complete denial about the state of my garden. I will face the ugly truth tomorrow.


Rose said...

If these are weeds, they are the prettiest weeds I've seen! Barbee, thanks for leaving a welcome comment on Blotanical for me; I am just now seeing the messages there and learning how to add favorites.
Hope you have a happy Mothers' Day and get to spend time in the garden. (It's raining here in Illinois.)

Barbee' said...

Ladyluz: Thank you for visiting my web site. That list of countries is interesting, but I may not renew it when my subscription runs out. I like it, but I fear it causes the page to take a long time to load.

I have not looked for a sundial yet. I think I will look in the stores here before I go to the Internet search.

Plantgirl, Debbi, and Rose: Thank you for the positive feedback. It seems several areas are getting rain... and, so are we. So much for my plans to work out in the garden. We are currently having high, strong, cold winds, rain and some hail. Still, getting to read and blog is a good Mother's Day, too.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there.

Jill said...

Barbee, thanks for sharing your lovely garden. You left a comment on my blog, Jill's Garden (http://garden2day.blogspot.com/) in Annapolis, Maryland and wondered about my zone. Due to warming and my proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, I am now in zone 7a. When I started my garden here in 1996 it was 6/7.

Barbee' said...

Thank you, Jill. Isn't that interesting. I am in 6a, and that could be changing. But, our surprise plunges of temp that can happen over just one night keep me focused on the old list of plants. I have tried pushing the zone higher, but have lost those plants. Our temps yoyo too much.

matsubonsai said...

Thanks for your comments at the Matsu Bonsai blog. I look forward to reading your blog as well.

Esther Montgomery said...

Sometimes, I can hardly bear to look at your blog.

The photos make me so jealous!


Melissa said...

Ooo those weeds are lovely! Out here in the desert we look forward to wildflower season!

Lynda said...

Barbee, thanks for visiting my blog - I just had to pop across from my African garden to see yours ... it is beautiful & I love looking at all the different plants, trees and flowers you have that we don't get here in Africa. I also loved the squirrel pics ! I'll be back soon .....

Barbee' said...

matsubonsai: Welcome, bonsai guy, thanks for stopping by. No bonsai here, though. Sorry. Hope you enjoyed your visit anyway.

Esther: Thank you, Esther. It's a lot of work! A LOT of work.

Melissa: Thank you. I have seen breath taking photos of the desert in bloom.

Lynda: Welcome, come over any time. If you need transportation, you might check out Esther's blog; I've been told there is a suitcase hidden in the shed that is useful for space travel.