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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Then and Now

First we had this:

Now we have this:

Maybe I can get in there and work soon.


Jean Ann said...

Yummy spring pictures! Thanks for the vote of support, Barbee...I can only hope the Blackberries are slightly less stubborn than I am!

The Gardeness said...

How exciting that the blanket of snow has been pulled back, revealing beautiful colors. (Love the snowmen)

Cinj said...

YAY! It's always great when the snow disappears. I hope that happens to me soon.

Trudi said...

Spring looks fantastic in your garden.

chey said...

Look at all that green mixed with beautiful splashes of color! Lucky you Barbee.It looks wonderful! Our grass is still brown, but it won't be long now!

Mo said...

Daffodils, my favorite! Your garden is glorious!

Barbee' said...

Thank you all for visiting and leaving thoughtful comments.