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Friday, April 25, 2008


In my rambling writings I often include names and information about businesses such as mail order companies for example, but not limited to such. I do not mean for those mentionings to be any type or form of endorsement. It simply means that I do a great deal of business and communications with a number of people and companies all over the world, and doing so enriches my life and broadens my personal horizons. What I'm writing about is my life and world; all those other people, places, and businesses are simply inhabitants of my life, of which I frequently write.

I write. Even though I really have nothing to say. There are deeper thinkers for sure. And, much better writers. Even the better writers, who have nothing to say, write about their nothing better than I write about mine. Someone once wrote that writing is for the writing, not for the reading. He may be "right".


Jean Ann said...

I like your writing! Thanks for the cute comment and the "poke"... I haven't been very active in my blogging world this week...I just added a link to my new flickr photo page...I am sure the photos won't be as exciting as yours, but cute enough!

sisah said...

Well, writing for the www is different to just writing privatly for a diary, so I don´t think that (blog) writing is just for the writing and not for the reading. Anyway, I am reading your words now and I am enjoying it the same as I enjoy your blog and the photos of your beautiful garden!

Barbee' said...

Jean Ann, check your blotanical messages; I left one there.

Hi Sisah, Your kind words have brightened up my day. You are correct about writing styles. I think I don't really fit the mold for regular bloggers. Mine all start out on my web site which is a diary type, journaling type, musing type of things I have added over the years. I copy and paste them into the blog counter part in case there is anyone out there who would like to read it. Thank you.

chey said...

I enjoy your writing as well Barbee! Everyone has a different style, and I enjoy that diversity. You can actually get a glimpse of the personality of the blogger through their writing style. Cheers!

Barbee' said...

Chey, that is a happy thought.

I think there is much good writing on the Internet that never would have gotten into print in books. I surely have enjoyed reading quite a few.

It isn't like curling up with a good book. Still, I have gotten lost deep in many well written posts - many had no photos at all. Wish we all had all the time needed to read and blog as much as we would like. Alas, it just isn't possible.

Anna said...

Well--I never know which Barbee I'm talking to over here but I like them all. I take your word as golden so if you say go buy monkey poo at walley world then I'm going to squeal tires to get there quick as I can to get some--if I have a coupon. Just kidding...I think we all know that if we mention or drop a name of something we like, it's just a preference. Blogging is like that. It's off handed conversation that stays open ended.

You can decide to buy X-brand today and tomorrow smell like Y-brand and we won't call you untrue to your word. Hey-guess what....we got a Hoot Owl in our new neighborhood! He's a hoot!

Barbee' said...

The Barbee' id's are all the same. I had to set up a new blogger.com account to keep me straight, too. Yahoo address goes with the website. Gmail address goes with the blog. Same name (Barbee'). Two different passwords. And, a combination of the two goes with Blotanical. You think YOU'RE confused!

Yaaaay for the resident owl. Next thing you know, he'll be barfing up body parts ;)

Cinj said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I found yours. I don't think of myself as much of a writer. I ramble and talk about so many different things. That's alright though. I mean, if everyone wrote about the same things wouldn't life be so boring?

Barbee' said...

cinj, as I was reading your comment I was thinking the same thing - then, there you said it at the end. As Chey wrote, our personalities come through. We are who we are. I like reading your blog!