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Monday, April 28, 2008

But I Digress

Where was I? Oh, yes, whining: Then there's the attention deficit problem, that isn't a lot of fun, either.

Attention deficit: Find spot for Neal to plant the new clematis Montana ruba under the old crabapple tree-here? there? another here? - ah, what's that blooming? Some variety of Allium - hmmm different from the ones in the other bed behind me - turn to look - yes, those are still there, but no buds - will bloom later. Oh, no!! wild garlic about to bloom - can tell difference - pointed tip. eeks! 3 kinds of weeds blooming in the other bed - start pulling but soon panic sets in. Go to computer; look up student employment office at local University. - Broad Band cable company doing maintenance on system - no e-mail possible! - look for old message in e-mailbox ("Helpers") that might contain her phone number, call woman - got recorded message, left my cell phone number. Drink water before I go back out. See "Horticulture" Magazine open to photo of Christopher Lloyd and Fergus Garrett wearing brown trousers. Think: I should show it to Neal for he'd decided proper clothing for his new professional status, as sole owner of his new landscape and water garden company, should include brown trousers. And, there, he was right. Two well-established, famous gardeners in England wear them, too. Proves his decision. Computer down: can't order more Clematis. Grrr! Up until 2:00 a.m. this morning reading up on clematis, trying to order but finding SOLD OUT numerous times (and this is only April?!) Stopping to write this helped me settle down. Now where was I - oh yes, back to the herb barrel for the 14th time in 4 days. Planting task there is still not finished because I bounce around and can't stay to it.


tina said...

Sounds hectic, like life in the garden in the spring.

alec said...

hahahahah ...amusing! i Love the first line fo your post! you sound extraordinarily busy. i abhor spring due to the fact that i will be loaded with schoolwork(finals) and gardening! argggghhhh! what to do, what to do.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! As for the ADD, if you really have it, as a woman, you're an anomaly! I was clueless abut this until I met an architect who had ADD, and he suggested some really marvelous books on the topic from the leading experts to bring me up to speed. If you want to know about 'em, let me know and I'll tell you more. But if you're being metaphoric, that's brilliant, too!

Barbee' said...

Tina, you hit the nail on the head. Exactly!

Alec, so good to hear from you. I think it is wonderful to do something like reading, writing, and studying until my brain is tired, and then to go outdoors and do something physical like hiking or gardening - then take a good shower - it makes me feel so good and balanced.

OFB, we enjoyed your parrot story so much and sent the link to 90+ year old aunt who grew up with a parrot in the family. Her daughter will print it out for her.

I don't have the real ADD. I have Fibromyalgia and attention deficient is one of the symptoms in a long list of symptoms (don't get me started). Cannot focus. Cannot finish anything without help to stay on task. Over the years I realized I could no longer follow a recipe. Oh, well, guess everyone has something. Might as well laugh about it.

alec said...

as do i. let me explain my hellish routine the past week, without school.
carl von clausewitz, on war...no wait lets check on the radishes.....weed the minute hibiscus in the allotment... now read some bleak house...but what about on war.... go online, and find which books you shall buy in the city...augment my vocabulary now....alec take a look at european history... now go to sociology.....NO! back to psychology..go to Karl Marx...alec continue writing...Alec you msut write...no before youw rite you must read...quantum mechanics.....sleep.

All i Can say is Dammit, i cannot sit still, and it agonizes me so!i have so many intellectual works in ym room, and can not decide when to read them. my life is far from pleasurable. its like a carousel into perdition that induces vertigo. however, once in awhile i am a peace, i can read and study for days. i am looking forward to that soon. and do not get me started on my reading routine....i read outloud(in a hush so it look slike i am talking to myself)and must be in a comfortable area to read... i am moving to england to a manor by the sea, and it will cozy there(this is when i grow up)and finally, i have OCD, and that interrupts my reading. have i divulged to much? ha.

Barbee' said...

Probably. But, at least you are never bored :)

Phillip said...

This so describes myself when I go out to work in the garden!

Barbee' said...

Hi Phillip, I've been thinking about you. Pictured you outside every minute you could and working away. I should turn off this computer and do that myself.

Lola said...

Pheeew. Now I know what my problems are. Helter skelter brain. Can't keep track. Thanks.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hi Barbee, I have a bad case of can't focus in the garden. I tend to wander. Beautiful pictures.

Barbee' said...

Lola and Debbi, join the crowd; you are not alone :)

Anna said...

Good grief Barbee--you are so entertaining. I wish you lived next door so I could watch all this first hand. I'd bring my lap top out to one of my many swings to sit upon and blog about you to all the rest of our buds on here and we'd gossip about you. I'd report all your comings and goings and make you part of my Proven Winners collection.

All my best buds are nuts!

Steve said...

This ADD thing.........what is it exactly? And where.........oh right here! Look! My computer! Whoever put it here was pure a genius, I tell ya. Anyway, where was I?

Since I adamantly don't have a garden of my own, relying for distraction on the mere details of complex landscaping projects and writing assignments, I sympathize but feel just a little superior.........as if "I knew better than to start one", lol.

Truth is, I have never been able to do my own gardens. Maybe I can use it as a goal someday, to get stressed over the maddening little plants I put into others' homes and garden. I have a friend in Israel who cultivates her weeds and will not let her father in law remove them. She thinks they look great, all natural and all volunteer and she really just has a big lawn for her children and a weed patch........and the funny thing is..........it looks great! She is sort of one of a kind......um, as is her garden.

Just a thought! Your comments were priceless, Barbee. And yours Alec.

Cinj said...

I'm a bit "ADD" at times too. I start so many projects that I never finish! It's unbelievable.

I think I saw something somewhere once that having depression affects your memory. I'm a bit distractable and flighty anyway, so those don't help me get anything done either. SIGH.

If I work hard and write plenty of lists I can focus and get things done, so I know I don't actually have ADD. I sure seem to though!

Barbee' said...

So, Steve, I guess what you do is design, then install (the creative, fun part), then the owners or their helpers maintain it? Isn't that sorta like: Love 'em, and leave 'em? You ARE the smart one!

Your friend in Israel sounds like she might be my long lost sister. I have been reported to the city only one time.

Anna, ha, ha! You would, too. But we would have some fine times swapping plants.

Cinj, are you by any chance a Libra? I don't pay attention to such things, but one time the man who cuts my hair asked me what my sign is. I told him Libra, and he said, "Oh, deliver me from Libras; they never finish anything!" So, see it really isn't our fault, blame the stars!

Steve said...

I am so transparent, ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbee,

I loved your "But I Digress" posting. I could write one of those every day with my Type-A-multi-tasking personality. And when asked if I ever sleep, I'm going to quote that Edna St. Vincent Millay "candle at both ends" poem you posted. What a great response that would be. Thanks for the comments on my bog. I'm enjoying your blog, too....Cindy