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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Splip, Splat, Splop

I have always been in love with winter skies. I am not saying I do not love the blue skies of summer and spring; for one of my everlasting memories from childhood occurred when I stood beneath my grandparents' peach tree and looked upward through peach-blossom-pink blooms. The scene: rich pink against the deep blue April or May sky of western Tennessee. The beauty was shocking, never to be forgotten. And, there are few things more beautiful than stacks, piles, wisps, drifts, and billows of playful, floating fluffy clouds caressing the blue skies of May or June.

During wintertime I very much enjoy the variant colors. I used to think of them as egg shell colors, but most people know only two colors -- the two colors of commercially produced eggs: brown and white. Most do not know of all those multi-Easter-egg-colored eggs from the domestic heirloom chicken breeds, and maybe not even robin egg blue. I thought that might be a problem if I wrote about eggshell colored winter skies.

Then this winter it occurred to me that the many colors of winter skies actually were more like the colors of pearls. The Colors of Pearls: Gorgeous grays, silvery white, white, cream, peach, yellow, pink, rose, salmon, red, copper, bronze, brown, purple, green, lavender, gold, black, black with a green overtone, and blue. I have seen all of these in the moody and sometimes stormy, threatening winter skies and sunsets. I love looking at the sky. I gaze.

Our last snow was a few weeks ago. It was such a wet snow that the flakes were stuck together in such large, sloppy clumps that they made Splip, Splat, Splop sounds on the car's windshield where wipers were running rapidly. I was the one driving in spite of feeling the misery of a fresh, one-day-old cold and the twinges of myofascia pain that is frequently triggered by bad cold and other viruses. I had absolutely no business in the world being out there in that beautiful, windy, wet, cold snowstorm.

The reason for it was that: Husband-Best Friend-Chief Photographer had lost his wallet, and as he runs most of our errands it is imperative that we keep him behind the wheel legally. I was taking him to the office where they issue and renew motor vehicle operators' licenses, and to places he had visited recently to look for the errant wallet. Every chance I got I looked at the sky - a beautiful white winter sky - and thought: I must write about this sky. Now I have.


Roberto said...

I'm glad you did write about it, Barbee. It was a lovely way to start my day. I am of kindred spirit when it comes to the colours of nature, and I love wet, wintry days - greyish, silvery, don't-get-out-of-bed skies.

I hope Best Friend and Photographer found his wallet, and that you don't suffer too much from the cold!

gld said...

Barbee, you could have used my egg picture! These are our first Americaunas and there is just a faint variation between the blues...one lays a slightly pink egg.
I am really enjoying these chickens.

This was a lovely post about some good memories.

Vedoir said...


Balisha said...

Hi Barbee...You are such a beautiful writer...you described the colors so perfectly. I read it last night and then again this morning. Thankyou...Balisha

Lorraine Holloway-White said...

You so sound like my sort of person. I may not be into blog hopping, but if someone visits me, I like to take a look. I love this and you have a wonderful way with words. I will definitely be following.
So, hi Barbee, great to meet you x

Lorraine said...

I have just visited your other sites. I love all you write and do. You are a very special lady and one I would love to meet. I have shared the links on FB and Twitter hoping more find you. God Bless xx

Barbee' said...

Hello Roberto, it is always so fun to hear from you. You were one of my very first Internet friends. Yes, I think we are kindred spirits. The wallet was found a few days ago. Here at home after both of us had searched high and low. We both had a good laugh.

gld, I loved reading about your chickens and eggs. Further of my memories are of the chickens that those grandparents had. Actually, that peach tree grew in what they called the chicken yard.

Hi Vedoir, I appreciate your visiting and leaving a comment. I know as a student you don't have a lot of time for it.

Balisha, what a sweet and kind friend you are. Thank you!

Lorraine, I am overwhelmed by your kind words! You inspire me to do better. By the way, good luck with the new book. I, too, hope that (as you wrote) "it will leap off the shelves". I enjoyed your post about your vision involving a 'use by date'. Isn't it interesting when something like that happens. If I had known special things like that were going to happen once in a while throughout life, I would have written them down, but then again, busy mothers of small children never have the time to 'write things down'. Again, thank you for your positive feedback.

Esther Montgomery said...

And beautifully you have written about it too!

Did you find the wallet?


Barbee' said...

And, thank you, Esther. Yes, the wallet was found a few days ago. Here at home after both of us had searched high and low. We both had a good laugh.

Vetsy said...

Barbee, I like the way you described your winter sky and the feeling it evoked. I wished that I could keep Chemtrails out of my skies so that I could see it!

HolleyGarden said...

The winter sky is so different than the summer sky. It does evoke different emotions and feelings. Great post. I appreciate you visiting my blog. I am now a follower of yours.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I agree--there is nothing prettier that a ble sky. I love the look of a winter tree against it too. I also love what I call "spring green" against the blue skies. What a blessing! :)

Skeeter said...

We once had neighbors that raised hens. We would get fresh eggs from them and at times we received blue eggs. The blues, whites and other colors in the skys are just awesome! When we are at the lake, I am captivated by the open skies…

Am glad you found that wallet. I have reoccurring dreams of loosing my purse. I really keep an eye on it when out and about due to those dreams....

Jean said...

Good Morning! Barbee you speak of West Tennessee and your grandparents.
Where in West Tn? Thats home to me...
I will be glad when they are blue skies,green grass, green trees and flowers blooming everywhere!

Barbee' said...

Thank you, Vetsy, I agree with you about the aircraft. Not only the trails, but the noise/sound pollution. We live near an airport.
Outdoor conversation has to cease until some of them have moved on.

HolleyGarden, Welcome! How exciting that you have joined on here. Thank you! For me spring and summer skies are exciting, but I adore the winter skies; they are like a rest from all the excitement. They seem more like a mature woman of beauty with her pearls, and a depth of wisdom.

Skeeter, we have a lot of trees, so I see the sky better when I go to the post office or grocery store. Wonderful that you can go to a lake and have an open view! Guess what!! I have that recurring dream, also! Even in my dream I am so annoyed with myself for repeatedly being careless with the purse. Wonder what a psychoanalyst could do with that :)

Hello Jean, I was born and reared on my grandparents' farm in Gibson County. It wont be long till all those greens and flowers will arrive. I'm sure spring is further along in TN than it is here. We have had a lot of rain lately, so we should be recovered from the drought of last summer. Thank you for visiting; it was fun hearing from you.

Jean said...

Barbee yes I know Gibson county well. It is to the south and west of me. Well you have grown up in God's Country! Have a great day....and yes things are popping here. Forsythia, the tulip magnolias, daffodils and all sorts of things peeping out of the ground. Go away winter!

Esther Montgomery said...

What beautiful images in this post!

Hope you are happy with me mentioning you on today's post for Esther's Boring Garden Blog.


Let me know if not.


Barbee' said...

Jean, yes, I agree. I especially love the area around Fruitland.

Esther, I am delighted to be mentioned in your writing! Thank you!