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Sunday, April 18, 2010

What'cha See Is How It Is for now

The view in the header photo is the way The Garden at Crocker Croft has looked for several days. This has been the prettiest flowering spring I can remember. No frost and no rain, the good news, and the bad news. At least the flowers were not damaged. We have had clouds bringing very few soft, light rains that were not enough to measure, maybe three times in months. News is: We have received 50% of our normal rain fall. For tonight, they are issuing frost warnings. But, for now it is rather (make that, very) pretty. Here are some glimpses of what is out there before the frost hits tonight, if it does.

A neighbor cat. I call him Shadow.
I think he is of the Oriental Shorthair breed.

The foliage of these tulips reminds me of the sensuous curves in Georgia O'Keeffe paintings.

The warmth of the day made him drowsy.

This tulip has a rounded shaped flower. Squirrels replant them for me making them surprises where they sometimes pop up. Compare its shape with the lily flower form of the next ones, Queen of Sheba.

He was tired of tulips.

Click on collage to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Roberto said...

Beautiful, as per usual, Barbee!
Magic again with the camera, although it's impossible to improve on His 'work' - already done, 'Best Friend' did well.

Hope your summer is kind to you and the Croft's garden.

Balisha said...

I love those Queen of Sheba tulips. I have wondered what they were...in your header. How can you stay away from your windows or spend anytime in the house, for that matter. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Northern Shade said...

You have so much in bloom, both above and below. The Queen of Sheba tulips look like flames with those yellow highlights on the red. I love Muscari winding through beds like that.

Melodie said...

Breath taking! So wonderful to have a beautiful garden to look at every day!

Mo said...

Absolutely stunning! Sweet cat. :)

Marla said...

Your photos are so beautiful.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Barbee your garden is so beautiful this time of the year with so many spring blooms. I can see why you call the cat Shadow. It is a strange gray color.

Canyon Girl said...

I'm speechless, it's sooo gorgeous. A real spring garden, wow! Beautiful pictures, a lovely cat, and all the flowers -- wonderful. Thanks for sharing your blessings.

Anonymous said...

This spring has been one of the lovelies ever, but not sure quite why. I think it just seems that way to those of us who are winter-weary! I'm so glad to "see" your garden again! I think the frost will be okay, we've had a few light ones that just nick the grass and leave most other things alone.

Skeeter said...

Beautiful Spring indeed! Hope your weather holds out with no damaging frost...

Toni aka irishlas said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the tour!
Have a great weekend.

Barbee' said...

What a lot of fun comments you left for me to read! Hugs all around and a great big THANK YOU. You are so nice.

Kerri said...

Your spring garden was glorious and the header photo is postcard pretty. How beautiful! I love the profusion of Queen of Sheba tulips. Your hard work produced a rich reward :)
He's a pretty kitty and looks like he's soaking up the beauty of your yard as well as the sunshine.