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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Oh, It Couldn't Be!

Do you know, that because you are reading this blog it means you are a genius! That's right, a GENIUS!

It says so right here:

blog readability test

You may have seen these page elements scattered around different blogs. All you have to do is click on the last line, then enter your blog's URL in the pop-up form. In seconds you get the reply with code to copy and paste into your own blog somewhere.

Besides my blog, I also have a web site made up of several blog templates that I have stitched together with links to create one whole made up of several parts. Just for the fun of it, I fed all URLs into this gadget to see what reading level it would rank them. All total I have fourteen (14) templates. Two are practice templates (one the old Classic Version of Blogger.com, the other is the New Version). I did not let them play, they are a hodgepodge of this and that. This blog was already ranked, so that left eleven URLs that I fed through the hungry looking widget. Here are the results.

The main section of my web site was ranked:
blog readability test

Tam at Land of the Lost Surprise was unsure how to feel when her's was rated with a High School reading level. I told her to be pleased, because my web site's reading level was rated Elementary School level! But, I have to remember that it is dedicated to the child in each of us, so I suppose that really came through.

The Butterfly section and Critter Crossings were both rated:
blog readability test

Two sections: Smoke In the Night and Garden Tour were rated:
blog readability test

UTOPIA (mystery plants) was rated:
blog readability test

A Clowder of Cats, Floramore, and the Journaling section, as well as, two extra supplementary ones were all rated:
blog readability test

Believe me, I am no genius, so why does it rate my blog as such?

The only thing I can think of is the vocabulary. While my own vocabulary is certainly average, remember, there are all those Latin scientific plant names strewn throughout the posts. I guess when the crawler hit those, it bounced the rate up a few notches.

I think it is time to quit playing now, and head for bed.
See you in the pages!


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

That was cool. I rated post grad. I've got somebody fooled.

Barbee' said...

WOW! I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

How fun is this Barbee! I will have to give this a try. lol

Lucy Corrander said...

I once tried an IQ test.

I wasn't very good at it.

If I had scored two points fewer, the recommendation would have been that I had so little brain power I would need to live in an institution and be cared for.

I now have a wordless blog.

I daren't ask your gadget what it makes of that!


Anonymous said...

Mmm - impressive - Of course I had to go and have a go -
Mine is Junior High School - must be all those comics! :)

patientgardener said...

ha ha - mine is rated elementary school! Perhaps I had better throw a few latin names in to try and improve things. It was very quick though so does it just look at the name?

Ro said...

Well I can't think of a better way to continue on with my Thursday morning than be being told that I'm a genius (what a mouthful!).

I ran a whole bunch of blogspot domains through that link and everybody turned out a genius. That can only mean blogspot users are smart to be using this self-publishing platform!!

Tam said...

Ah-ha, Latin.

Now that I know the secret I can stop (plant) name dropping myself!

*starts muttering vestiges of high school Latin*

Anonymous said...

I gave it a try Barbee and it said mine was college-post grad. I don't know about that, but it was fun. lol

Barbee' said...

I am glad some of you had fun with this. I know it wasn't about gardening, so that is why I put it in the category Off the Subject

patient gardener (England): Those computer crawlers are quick as lightening, but I, too, wondered if it went beyond the front page.

Lucy Corrander (England): Oh, Lucy, you are such a hoot! I'm still smiling after that one! Let's face it: Some of us just don't test as well as others even though we know the material. Guess I was living dangerously when I let that 'thing' read mine! You should do it, just to confuse the 'thing'.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

LOL! I did another one of these a while ago & my blog got the highest rating there too. That kind of scares me, as it is way too easy for me to fall into bad habits of jargon and obscure vocabulary. I'm hoping the "Genius" rating really is just because of all the Latin names. Or maybe because I'm a blogspot blogger.

Victoria said...

You guys are too modest. Ro is right: your blogs are each the work of a genius. (That's why I, a fellow genius, read them...)

garden girl said...

Hmmm. . . it says it can't read my blog. Maybe they just don't have a pre-K rating!

Barbee' said...

Mr. McGregor's Daughter (Illinois, U.S.A.): Yes, maybe it's the combination that works.

Victoria (England): Ha, Ha!! Fun!

garden girl (Illinois, U.S.A.): Oh, NO! I tried your URL, too, and got the same message! That is soooo funny. You stumped the gadget!

Lucy Corrander said...

It has taken me until 12th September to check what level of education you need to read PICTURES JUST PICTURES .

It turns out to be 'Genius'.

Surprised, I tried some children's blogs (High School and Junior High School results) and a scientific paper (Genius) - then went back to PICTURES JUST PICTURES - still 'Genius'.

Given that it is a wordless blog and the only text says 'Scroll Down to See a Bigger Picture' - I'm wondering which of these seven words it's finding difficult!

Lucy Corrander

Barbee' said...

HA, HA, HA, Lucy, I think you just shot down my theory about vocabulary. Then again, that word "scroll" could have other meanings... as in, Red Sea Scrolls. Or, maybe your photography has a computer secret admirer; we told you, you are good.

Lucy Corrander said...

I rather like the idea of a computer secret admirer!