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Monday, July 21, 2008

Games We Play

The Tag Game
This is a good way to get to know other bloggers, but it has been around (and around) for a long time so it is difficult to find anyone who has not already been tagged. I have been tagged four times in about six weeks. What I am doing, and will continue to do in future, is updating my old post and re-using it, but not on the front page of the blog.

We have new bloggers daily it seems, and I think it is only fair to give them an opportunity to read what has been written already, so what I plan to do is a little post something like this one with a link to the Tagged post.

On that post, I state that I will not be tagging anyone, but if someone reading the post would like to play, they are to consider themselves tagged and to run with it and have fun.

If you are playing and do not know if someone has been tagged already, you might check their sidebar for a labels list. Look in there for a label called "tagged" or "games", or something like that. I know, not everyone has a list of labels, though.

So if I am new to you, and you want to know more about me, here is the link. Barbee's Tagged Post

I was tagged most recently by Sunita at THE URBAN GARDENER. I want to give her recognition and opportunity for more exposure for her fairly new blog. She is a new member of Blotanical, too. She lives in India, and I enjoy her posts very much. A recent one was about the maidenhair ferns that grow lush for her during the monsoon season. Nice photos of the ferns and an interesting post.

The Awards Game
If you want to be sure to be permanently ensconced in people's blogs for others to see and possibly click through to your own blog, a good way is to create an award and present it to friends. It is a fun thing to do for both awarder and recipient. And, because it is a compliment to the blog owners who receive the awards, how could one refuse!

My most recent award was presented to me by Lucy at Loose and Leafy. I, and others, were presented the Esther Montgomery Memorial Blue Flowers Nosegay Award for a memorable photograph. Of course I cannot claim it for myself, for you know, I am not the main photographer for my blog, therefore, I accepted the honor for Husband/Best Friend/Chief Photographer who took the photograph that stuck in her memory. See the blue flowers nosegay in the sidebar. Thank you, Lucy.
Loose and Leafy is fairly new. It was begun after Esther disappeared. If you want to know what is going on go to Esther in the Garden, click on Day 1, then enjoy a fun story.

These are ways to stir up traffic to blogs and increase readership and interaction. For readers, it is a good way to surf from blog to blog. If you have an alarm clock or a kitchen timer that can be carried to the computer, it would be good idea to set it for an hour. If you don't, first thing you know, half the day will have vanished!


Beth said...

Hi Barbee - I just found your post on my blog from a ways back - thanks for reading!
Regarding the canna - yes, I'll have to dig them out come fall - I hear they multiply like rabbits :O) That's good because I have created more garden space this year and I've had lots of people willing to experiment with them this year - and so far, so good. Thanks again for visiting!

Sunita said...

I'm on the Front Page! : ) Thanks, Barbee.
I can just imagine how you must have felt, having to respond to 4 tags in such a short time.
Okay, your way is good enough(though I would've loved to learn more of your dark secrets.LOL!