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Saturday, February 07, 2015


To me, the most beautiful thing in the world is falling snow.

Many people are having snowy weather right now, and it has reminded me of a quick and easy kitchen project that might be helpful to someone.

My mother called these Marguerites, and made them for my brother and me years ago. They were delicious, and messy-fun to eat. We loved them! Quick, easy, fun, salty/sweet, and we always had the ingredients on-hand already. She made them for us as a dessert and sometimes as a between-meals fun snack treat. She wouldn’t let us make them for fear we would get burned, but I think we could have managed them without any severe burns.

Difficulty: Easy

Servings: as many or as few as you want to make
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: Under hot broiler - broil until marshmallows turn medium brown

Saltine crackers
Peanut butter
Large (regular size, not the little) marshmallows pinched or cut into halves.

1. Spread peanut butter on several saltine crackers and line them up on a cookie sheet.

2. Place half of a large marshmallow on an equal number of saltines lined up along side the peanut butter ones.

3. Put cookie sheet under a hot broiler. Watch constantly, it does not take long. Remove from oven when the marshmallows turn medium brown. By then the peanut butter will be soft.

4. Place a peanut butter saltine cracker atop each marshmallow – peanut butter side down onto the marshmallow – and press slightly. Careful about the hot sugar from the mallows as it squishes out a bit.

Note: can be messy to eat as the marshmallow strings out with nearly every bite and crackers crumble. Kids love them. A clean, wet bath cloth nearby is a good idea.

Have fun!


Balisha said...

I was just thinking about something very similar. My Mom used to take a soda cracker and put a lg. marshmallow on top with a little pat of butter on top of that. Put it in the broiler and that's what I usde to have, when I came home from school sometimes. I was looking up treats from the depression days and found these mentioned. The peanut butter sounds even better...Balisha

Nell Jean said...

My fav toaster oven treat, except that I put about 5-6 miniature marshmallows atop each peanut butter smeared saltine. Toast and eat. DH prefers his made with Ritz Crackers.

donna said...

My 8 year old grandson will luv making these and eating them. Thanks for the idea.


Vetsy said...

Yummmmm! It's the perfect season for these types of homemade snacks! Sounds very quick and Yummy, I've got to try it, thanks for sharing.

Pond Kits said...

They were delicious, and fun to eating disorders. We have loved it! Fast, easy, fun, salty / sweet, and always had the ingredients on hand already. She has done for us, a dessert and sometimes as a snack between meals fun treatment.

Barbee' said...

I love your comments! Your variations on this recipe are interesting to read about.

Titania said...

Hi Barbee, it is a long time, we are still around, the gardens and the cooking, How are you? I was looking something up in my old blog; Yesterday tody and tomorrow, and saw 'barbee' and memories of a summer garden with summer scents tumbled up. Anyway be well and best wishes.

Barbee' said...

Titania, I love hearing from you. I'm not gardening much any more. My 78 years have caught up with me. It was good while it lasted. Now the garden is on "automatic pilot". I try to get help to clear out weeds, and that's about all. Thank you so much for dropping in and saying Hello.

Sallysmom said...

Love to see new posts. Several years ago when I first found your blog, I went back to the beginning and read all your posts.

Barbee' said...

Sallysmom, you have just made my day, thank you!

Esther Montgomery said...

Hello Barbee. Hoping things are ok with you. Looking forward to spring I imagine!

I thought I'd let you know I've a new blog which follows on from 'Esther in the Garden'. It's called 'Esther and the Time Machine' and has a new site


I don't have time for drawing at present; which is unfortunate because not only do pictures add to the story - I enjoy doing them. None the less, I hope it will be fun and it would be great if you decide to join us.


Dee said...

Dear Barbee, thanks so much for visiting my blog, reading the posting on the tiny drop of water and its significance, and leaving a comment. I appreciate the time you spent there.

As to this posting----well! does this sound delicious. I can see that I need to try this. The question is how many will I scarf down???? All three ingredients are favorites of mine! Peace.